Discord Issues

On Monday, October 1st a series of issues began to affect the Discord chat service, The issue’s range from users being unable to log into their accounts or join servers to random messages being posted in chats by random users. Various sources have reported these problems as early as Tuesday September 25th. These issues continued well into Wednesday October 3rd.

about the issue

The issues began when a user made a tweet about the issue where they claimed that their account had been hacked and someone was posting NSFW content in various chats. Discord responded to the tweet saying they were aware of the issue and it was being investigated

Discord later tweeted out another message, this time it said [email protected] [email protected] @discordapp Are you having issues with Discord? We are aware of the issue and are looking to resolve it. Thanks for your patience!

Discord’s engineers began looking into the issue shortly after this tweet was sent out. It wasn’t until late Tuesday afternoon EST that they had any additional information about the problem. A Discord representative posted on the official community Discord page.

The representative continued to post updates throughout the day about what information they had discovered and how progress was being made, but there wasn’t any news that suggested that a fix or workaround was close at hand. On Wednesday October 3rd, the Discord representative posted an update on the official community server page.

recently there has been an increased number of issues with Discord and roleplaying servers, resulting in bans and rollbacks on these servers. Staff of Studio Ghibli House do not condone or allow any form of player on player combat for this reason we have closed the minecraft server until further notice on discord issues. This includes all forms of messaging, tricking players into falling for traps, provoking them into attacking you and etc. The rules stated within our discord server are there for a reason and any form of rule breaking will result in consequences. Rule breakers will be dealt with accordingly according to the terms set by Studio Ghibli House Staff.

we apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. We hope to see you back soon on Studio Ghibli House Minecraft Server! In the meantime feel free to join our discord server and continue roleplaying there! Be sure to follow all of the rules within our Discord Server as well. Thank you and we appreciate your understanding!

how to unmute discord

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To unmute Discord go to https://discordapp.com/settings and click “Connections” in the top menu. Find the option that says “mDNS discord widget” and click the “click to enable” button next to it. After clicking this make sure your Discord is not muted on desktop by checking the slider at the bottom of https://discordapp.com/channels/@me


Discord is an audio chat service for gamers, similar to Team Speak or Ventrillo. The service started in early 2015 and has gained popularity among the gaming community due to its ease of use and advanced features, such as voice detection with noise reduction, automatic volume leveling, push-to-talk, and instant translation using the Microsoft engine. Players have come to prefer Discord over TeamSpeak or other client programs because of these features which are integrated into their client without having to open additional programs.

However, countless players have reported disconnections from their friends list, moderation actions being performed on their accounts, followed by an automatic ban from the servers. In most cases it is difficult to verify if any action was actually performed on their accounts, which has already led one player to file a lawsuit against Discord for allegedly hacking his computer and stealing the account information of his friends.

Currently we do not know what is causing these issues and making them appear more frequently (though some suggest that automated moderation is responsible), but we do know that Discord has been actively engaged in attempting to resolve the issue and improve its service.

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